Second staffer quits hospital foundation

by Matthew Uhrig
Press staff

WINCHESTER – A second staff member has left the Winchester District Memorial Hospital (WDMH) Foundation.

The Winchester Press has learned that Christina Enright, the organization’s manager of community engagement, recently tendered her resignation amidst the controversy that surrounds the sudden firing of the foundation’s executive director and the exit of its board chair.

Details as to why Enright quit were unknown as of press time. She had joined the hospital’s fundraising arm in November 2011, after many years as leader of the Winchester Hospital Heelers.

The move comes just weeks after Troy Cross, who had led the foundation since 2011, was let go. Arnold Scheerder also stepped down from his board position at that time.

As well, three other board members, Al Armstrong, Elaine De Rooy and Tom Deacon, each tabled their resignations.

Sources have told the Press that contention among board members, both those serving the foundation and those with the hospital, was strong. Cross, meanwhile, was said to have been caught in a widening rift between him and senior management at the hospital. 

Despite growing speculation among community members as to the real reason for these changes, neither WDMH administration nor the remaining foundation board members are addressing the situation publicly.

Although, it seems hospital CEO Cholly Boland is working mightily to stem any negative backlash.

In an email to community stakeholders, a copy of which the Press obtained, Boland provided what he termed “an update” on the situation. He acknowledged the recent leadership changes, and ensured that the foundation is continuing to receive donations to purchase equipment for the hospital.

Boland also criticized the Press’ recent coverage, calling it a “negative view of the situation,” and informing email recipients that what is being reported “is not the case.”  

He went on to praise the ongoing commitment of the remaining board members.

“We continue to have a strong foundation board, comprised of dedicated community volunteers,” he said.

Those remaining on the executive wing include Anne Van Delst (who has been named interim board chair), Richard Pope (vice chair), and Karen Thompson. Appointees include Stephen McClellan (who chairs the hospital board), Janice Hyndman (auxiliary president), and Boland.

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